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The Chip, a Hero with 21st Century Super Abilities

A Gripping Comic Book about a Hero Who Saves the Environment 

The Chip

Enjoy reading about a strong comic book hero who protects society from villains. We created the Chip, an extraordinary hero who's on a mission to save our chaotic planet.

Chip the Hero

Meet tough comic book characters with interesting backgrounds! We developed strong complex personalities representing familiar issues that readers can easily relate with.

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Uncle Jeff

Providing great comic book stories to entertain readers is our goal. We plan to further develop our story to give you one of the best science fiction comics on the market.


Read our amazing science fiction story!
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About Us

Created by a team of artists based in Brooklyn, New York, the Chip is a powerful comic book hero who helps save the environment. We were inspired to create a science fiction character who is truly concerned about the state of our society and what can be done to sustain the environment. Our story concept started in 2008 and developed into a full novel after two-and-a-half years.

The Chip goes on exciting adventures to fight villains and ultimately protect the human race. He wears an impenetrable green body armor which gives him super-human abilities. He flies like a fighter jet and even launches missiles to target opponents. Many readers will be inspired by our compelling hero as he defeats rogues who threaten to poison the earth.

Creator George Jack has always been fascinated with the idea of comic book heroes, so he decided to come up with his own. With help from a team of talented artists, they developed the Chip. Unlike other protagonists concerned with war, revenge, or politics, the Chip has genuine concern for our natural resources. He knows we must stop others who continue to pollute our planet if our race is to survive.

Illustrations by: Shamus Beyale. 


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